There are both permanent and temporary buffs that you can buy here. There are also free temporary buffs you can buy by watching ads, or instantly if you are playing with the VIP version of the app.


It is always one of the first questions people ask when playing a new game: "How should I spend my diamonds?

This can be later edited if a more efficient method surfaces as more people use this wiki, but for now I will give my own advice through my experience in this game as well as Endless Frontier. Your first priority will be beginning to work on the increase medal and stage skip upgrades as well as getting 1 additional slot for your party. Once those are at 4 medals and 2 skip, getting 2 upgrades towards increasing materials will start to help you get your artifacts a bit faster for a cheap price. At your discretion, you should get your final party slot as well as 1 level of the boss chest slot upgrade just in case you are like myself and get distracted for 5-10 minutes at a time and pass 50-100 stages without noticing. Buy artifact slots only as needed. After this, continue upgrading the medals, materials, and stage skip upgrades.. as well as dungeon reset time every so often. Those will be a priority over all of the others. The regular/fever box upgrade might be decent to get later on, but the random quest competion and offline combat speed are pretty useless unless you mostly play this game ... offline.


Premium Upgrade Costs
Level Increase medals Increase materials Decrease dungeon reset time Random Quest completed Skip stage chance Increase amount of gold obtain Increase boss chest slot Increase offline combat speed
1 200 200 300 300 300? 300 300 300
2 300 300 500 500 500? 600 350 600
3 400 400 700 700 700 900 400 900
4 500 500 900 900 450 1200
5 600 600 1100 1100 500 1500
6 700 700 1300 1300 550
7 800 800 1500 600
8 900 900
9 1000 1000
10 1100
11 1200
12 1300
13 1400

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